SERVANTHOOD – What it is not!! We live in a world that has become  overly competitive. People are competitive in the workplace, the church, the homes, in the streets, at school and just about everywhere you can imagine. It’s the society we have created today; every body wants to be the BOSS,  no one wants to serve. Everyone wants to be the leader, no one wants to follow. Imagine the chaos that would be, if everyone was the General Manager in an organization, or the Prime Minister of a country, or the Pastor of a church. Mind-bugling huh? Well I guess..

In these posts I will try to share on a daily basis the joy that comes from serving people and the reason why many people are unhappy today.

I would also like to share that the people who serves in life are people who are mature, responsible and people who are the most  capable of leading and making a beneficial difference in society and any organization.

I implore you, if you do not have a servant heart today, take note to invest time and energy to creating one. Because life void of serving is wasted years never to be reclaimed and always certainly..life that will be easily forgotten.


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