“Psalm 146:5 – Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God”.

 The world is in pursuit of happiness.We all want to be happy. The problem is most of us expects to find happiness in material things. This is IMPOSSIBLE! Material possessions can give some level of pleasure and short-term fulfillment, but ONLY Jesus Christ can give lasting joy, satisfaction and happiness.

We can help ourselves to happiness, the same way we can help ourselves to obtain material possessions. Just think about it; if Jesus is the ONLY one who can give true happiness, then we MUST help ourselves to attain Jesus Christ. We cannot attain Jesus in our spare time. We must make Jesus our priority through bible reading and applying the word of God to our lives on a daily basis. For us to be truly be happy we must foster a daily communion with Jesus on a daily basis through prayer. Prayer is simply to talk to Jesus as you would to a friend. Jesus knows all about us and even knows our deepest thoughts; but we must commune our thoughts and concerns to  him to show our trust and total reliance on him for all that we need.

The challenge: Put God first in your life. Make God your trust. Cease from worry and enjoy God’s happiness on a daily basis.

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