Living With Purpose

Everything we do in life boils down to servant-hood. From feeding our dog, raising our kids, working for a company, leading a team, supporting our spouse, caring for our parents, being a friend or even working as our own boss.

As long as you will interact with other people and living creatures such as your pet(s), you will have to serve in some way. No one wants to be called a servant, in many instances this is despicable in others eyes. Yet, Jesus said he came to serve others and to save them from their sins (Mark 10:45).
For any human to serve, it takes great amount of humility and maturity, as this very act of serving is beyond human nature. Human nature is geared towards making a name for one’s self, being the centre of attention and being the favourite of all.

Because of this, companies fail, churches goes on in dis-unity, relationships fail, projects fail and turmoil of dissatisfaction occur in many individuals life. Deep within man is the longing for purpose, because purpose was put within man by God before he was born. When man fail to attain his purpose in life he becomes vain and empty and the end result is frustration and dissatisfaction.

A life without purpose is empty and without meaning. If you feel empty today and feel as though you are just existing, then you are not connected to your purpose.

Everyday, man is given the chance to live in his purpose. The bible said what is desired in a man is kindness, and a poor man is better than a liar – (Proverb 19:22). We as a body to Christ and the human race have a duty to love others and to show kindness to all. This is what brings lasting joy and gives purpose to life.

At the end of your life what really matters is the memory others hold of you in their hearts and mind and also more importantly what God thinks of you. Did you make any positive contribution to society? How did you treat fellow mankind? Were you at peace with God and Man?

This blog is not intended to be preachy, but rather a reminder that nothing in your life should take priority over making sure that whatever you do in life is meaningful not only to you but to others and to God. Each action is creating a legacy; a story that will be read in eternity.

Therefore, where there is hurt and pain offer consolation. Where there is a need offer help. Whatever God has been to you, be the same to everyone you meet, and your reward will be from God not man. Have a blessed day.

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