“Psalm 146:5 – Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God”.

 The world is in pursuit of happiness.We all want to be happy. The problem is most of us expects to find happiness in material things. This is IMPOSSIBLE! Material possessions can give some level of pleasure and short-term fulfillment, but ONLY Jesus Christ can give lasting joy, satisfaction and happiness.

We can help ourselves to happiness, the same way we can help ourselves to obtain material possessions. Just think about it; if Jesus is the ONLY one who can give true happiness, then we MUST help ourselves to attain Jesus Christ. We cannot attain Jesus in our spare time. We must make Jesus our priority through bible reading and applying the word of God to our lives on a daily basis. For us to be truly be happy we must foster a daily communion with Jesus on a daily basis through prayer. Prayer is simply to talk to Jesus as you would to a friend. Jesus knows all about us and even knows our deepest thoughts; but we must commune our thoughts and concerns to  him to show our trust and total reliance on him for all that we need.

The challenge: Put God first in your life. Make God your trust. Cease from worry and enjoy God’s happiness on a daily basis.

Living With Purpose

Everything we do in life boils down to servant-hood. From feeding our dog, raising our kids, working for a company, leading a team, supporting our spouse, caring for our parents, being a friend or even working as our own boss.

As long as you will interact with other people and living creatures such as your pet(s), you will have to serve in some way. No one wants to be called a servant, in many instances this is despicable in others eyes. Yet, Jesus said he came to serve others and to save them from their sins (Mark 10:45).
For any human to serve, it takes great amount of humility and maturity, as this very act of serving is beyond human nature. Human nature is geared towards making a name for one’s self, being the centre of attention and being the favourite of all.

Because of this, companies fail, churches goes on in dis-unity, relationships fail, projects fail and turmoil of dissatisfaction occur in many individuals life. Deep within man is the longing for purpose, because purpose was put within man by God before he was born. When man fail to attain his purpose in life he becomes vain and empty and the end result is frustration and dissatisfaction.

A life without purpose is empty and without meaning. If you feel empty today and feel as though you are just existing, then you are not connected to your purpose.

Everyday, man is given the chance to live in his purpose. The bible said what is desired in a man is kindness, and a poor man is better than a liar – (Proverb 19:22). We as a body to Christ and the human race have a duty to love others and to show kindness to all. This is what brings lasting joy and gives purpose to life.

At the end of your life what really matters is the memory others hold of you in their hearts and mind and also more importantly what God thinks of you. Did you make any positive contribution to society? How did you treat fellow mankind? Were you at peace with God and Man?

This blog is not intended to be preachy, but rather a reminder that nothing in your life should take priority over making sure that whatever you do in life is meaningful not only to you but to others and to God. Each action is creating a legacy; a story that will be read in eternity.

Therefore, where there is hurt and pain offer consolation. Where there is a need offer help. Whatever God has been to you, be the same to everyone you meet, and your reward will be from God not man. Have a blessed day.

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Parental Legacy

So I slowly drove up the drive way.. My daughter who will be celebrating her first birthday in two days sat quietly around the back strapped in her car seat. In her hand she tightly held onto an excelsior snacker  biscuit I just bought her at the Super-plus Supermarket. I was introduced to this brand of biscuit by my new neighbour Clyon who works at the Excelsior Biscuit Company. It is slightly salted and has a “little bit” of crunchiness to it. My daughter and I liked  it so I  decided to get her some. I had planned to give her Cheese and biscuit as part of her snack to take with her to her daycare tomorrow.

We exited the car and entered our new home. This had been our home for Little over two months now. I missed our old home. Our own home; Where I  have more privacy and the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes with home ownership.

It was last October that gunmen came into our home and robbed us and ever since we have not quite felt comfortable there. So for peace, safety and health we decided to give our home a break.

So here we are at our new home. Small but comfortable. . We entered and I immediately placed her on the bed and turned the television on. Leaving from my 9 to 5 job, I was tired but instantly started to do some work around the house. Not long after a TV series ” Twice in a lifetime” began to air. In the show, there was this woman who was about to get married. She was very angry and up set about the way her life has been. Her father left her mother when she was a child and her mother married 4 times. For her both parents had commitment issues that affected her. The long and short of the story is that, she fell down the stairs and died before she could walk down the ailse.

She woke up in the after life “facing” a very kind judge, who sent her back to re-live her life in the physical world. There she received another chance to make things right. Bingo! That’s a fairy tale… I am well aware that I only get the chance to live once in this life and so getting things right first time is crucial.

I immediately reflected on my decision as a parent. What are the legacies I am creating for my daughter? Do I possess qualities that she will strive to emulate? Will my life point her in the right direction morally and spiritually? Will I be a good life coach, mentor, friend, provider, adviser? Will I impact her life in all the positive ways possible?

As a parent, I know that I will be her biggest influence especially in her early years and doing things right first time is paramount to her social and ethical development.

With this awakening (not that I was oblivious to the reality) I was reminded that everyday that I live, I am creating a legacy for my child. A legacy worth creating if done right.